Goyang Autumn Flower Festival 2018


Performance(Weekends, Holidays)

  • Outdoor street performances : 12, 2, 3, 5pm
    (Magic show, Bubble, etc.)
  • Indoor performances : 11am, 4pm
    (Playing guitar, Ocarina, etc.)


  • Flower-related : Pressed flower, Natural dyeing, Habarium, etc.
  • Coffee-related : Hand-drip coffee, coffee rice cake, etc.
  • Wood art, succulent art, Flower teas, Pottery, etc.

※ Operating hours and charges are different on each experience.


Experience at Lake Park

  • Dry Flower Card Making, Planting, Natural Dyeing with flowers
  • Flower Water Bike (10,000 won for 2 people/ 15,000 won for 3 people)

Flower Market Area

  • Plants from Goyang-si are on sale
  • Cut flower, succulent, pot plants and air plants, etc.