Goyang Autumn Flower Festival 2018


Introduction of IHK

  • “Flower Moments 2019” - International floral design awards
  • “Flower Eutopia” - Indoor mega flower decoration
  • “National Pavilion” - 15 countries’ flower exhibit
  • “C.A.F.E. Pavilion” - C.A.F.E. member’s exhibit
  • Rare and special plants exhibit
  • Horticulture and Tourism related organizations PR booths

Official ceremony

Guide Map

Official ceremony

  • Grand outdoor gardens under the theme of ‘Peace and Future of Korea’
  • ‘Citizen Garden Show’ - designed and displayed by the citizens

Official ceremony

Indoor Exhibition

Special exhibits, Tour programs, Experiencing programs are prepared at Wondang Flower Zone.

Flower Trade fair

  • Novelties, best grown plants, horticultural materials
  • Various conferences and classes
  • Business meetings

Farm Tour and Experiencing Programs

    Farm tour where you can hear the stories of the growers and see the farm with your own eyes
  • Experiencing classes with flowers

How to take part

  • Pre-registration for the Farm Tour and Experiencing Programs in February
  • Inquiry for Flower Trade fair +82-31-908-7759
  • Shuttle bus between the ‘Lake park’ and ‘Wondang Flower Zone’ is provided